Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chef Kaylee

Kaylee loves to cook....probably because then she can make things that she likes to eat, lick the beaters, try it before anyone else, and choose the biggest piece once it is done. Whatever the reason, I am glad that she likes to cook. That is her go-to activity when friends come over or when she is bored. She came up with an idea to cook for our family for the entire day...breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. She planned the entire menu and became Chef Kaylee for a day (with me as assistant chef). She did a fabulous job...
 Breakfast...French Toast Dippers
 Lunch...Chicken Noodle Soup
 Dinner...Chicken Strips and Mashed Potatoes
Phew, what a day! After dinner, Kaylee said "Wow, that is a lot of work...I feel like I was cooking and cleaning up food all day". I couldn't agree more!


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