Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bottled Moments

Bottled Moments
-Written by me 
These precious new-born moments need to be bottled, dried, or canned
To pull out and open on one of those unbearable days when I could use a hand.
On those days when I need a teaspoon, cup, or gallon of these moments to get me by.
I want to preserve and store up these times...hey, it's worth a try.

Like her soft baby cheeks that I always need to kiss
And all of these things that don't last and I will miss.
Like soft as silk hair that I nuzzle with my cheek,
Her hands that hold my finger and her cute little feet.

The way she cuddles up into a ball as she sleeps on my chest
And staying awake to stare at her beauty even though I should rest.
And how her brothers adore her and are so gentle and kind
Would come in handy when these loving feelings are hard to find.

Her fleeting smiles that come and go and her soft baby sounds
I could open and use when a quiet moment is hard to be found.
The huge spirit of love and peace that comes from such a little baby
I could use by the cup, gallon, and bucket-full when our home is so crazy.

I know that these things can't be bottled and kept
These precious times will soon be gone...except
I cannot use a measuring spoon to scoop them out and share
Instead I will treasure them in my heart and keep them safely there.


DD said...

That is so sweet! You've got a great talent, Stacey!

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