Monday, June 18, 2012

Thick and Thin

My life is a little unbalanced right now. The quality time that I get to spend with my kids is spread thin... I feel like I am being pulled in at least 6 different directions at one time. For example; when I thought that I was a pretty awesome mom by taking Nathan and Travis to the splash-pad I was quickly humbled when I asked Nathan if he was having fun and he replied, "Yes, but only you didn't play with us" - I couldn't because I was holding Megan while I watched them play. Or when Kaylee got home from an exciting day with her friend and she was trying to tell me about it while Travis interrupted us because he needed to go potty. I was so distracted that I had to ask her several times to repeat herself, then I wasn't paying attention to Travis' pooping so he wiped himself, got poop on his hands and then wiped them on my pants...lovely! Kaylee stopped her story and said "Wow, I don't think I want to be a mom."Or when Aaron barely made it to Scout Camp because I woke up 5 minutes before he was supposed to be there. Or when Eric had to cut his own hair because I was busy nursing Megan.
My time is thin while my waistline, butt, and thighs are fat and my eyelids are heavy.
Why can't I just swap the two? I could sure stand to lose a few pounds and inches around my waist and to get rid of the bags under my eyes. While I would love to gain some more time to play with my kids, have a coherent conversation with Eric before I go to sleep, uninterrupted time to listen to Kaylee's stories, and to just sit and hold Megan for as long as I want to before she grows.
Oh well. I guess that's life; to get through the thick and thin each day no matter how unbalanced and to look for the small fleeting moments when life does seem right and perfect.

(I don't even have time to take a picture before that gets interrupted :)


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