Thursday, July 5, 2012

Outside Movie Theater

Eric has turned our family movie nights into an outside neighborhood theater. He built this awesome screen that hangs from out deck -

It is so fun to sit outside in my backyard with family, friends, and popcorn to watch a flick. Aaron has even planned to have an outside movie for his birthday party...good times!

Here's how Eric made the screen:
  • get a 10 x 15 foot white tarp
  • create a frame out of pvc pipes that is slightly larger than the tarp with pvc going down the middle for added support. Eric also added legs to take some of the weight off of the deck and so that it could be free standing.
  •  connect the tarp to the frame with bungee balls at each of the tarp's grommets

  • attach the screen to the deck with eye bolts and carabiners   

And you could have an outdoor movie theater too! Have fun!


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