Monday, May 12, 2014

Dear Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,
First of all, let me thank you for teaching Nathan a very good lesson this morning...that even the Tooth Fairy doesn't work on Sundays. Although he was a little disappointed, he was also very impressed that you keep the Sabbath Day holy.

Now I just wanted to write you a little letter to let you know of our concerns. Nathan started wondering if perhaps you have run out of money...are you bankrupt? He was also thinking that you are selfishly keeping the hard-earned money for yourself so that you can be a this the case? You see, these concerns are legit. Your inconsistency makes us wonder if something has happened to you. You used to be so reliable with our first child, even leaving her thoughtful notes and magic dust...but like the dust, that has since faded away.  Do you favor the oldest child? Are you going to show up at all when our youngest looses her first tooth? Remember the time that you put a dollar in your pocket so that you wouldn't forget...and you fell asleep on the job with the dollar still in your pocket? Are you suffering from narcolepsy or dementia?

Whatever your problem may be, I would love to help because I have a very determined 6 year old. He is also the middle child who, I am sad to admit, often gets overlooked. He has had a loose tooth for weeks. Finally, on Sunday he decided that he wanted it out so he persistently pulled and wiggled that pesky tooth with little results. So he went to the Master Tooth Puller - his Dad. I don't think that the tooth was ready to come, but this determined 6 year old wanted it out and told the Master Tooth Puller to get it out. The Master Tooth Puller never gives up on a challenge so he pulled and kept pulling, even when Nathan's eyes filled with tears he told him to keep pulling. His persistence paid off and the tooth came out....but here's the did not pay off...he did not find his long awaited dollar.

Now if this oversight was due to your religious beliefs, I thank you and support you. But your track record speaks for itself, so please don't overlook this boy tonight. Thanks!

A Mother of a Very Persistent and Determined 6 Year Old


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