Tuesday, June 28, 2011

72 Hour Kit Camp-Out

I have been thinking a lot about our 72 hour kits lately. The food in there was about 2 years old. The clothes for the kids were too small. They needed to be revamped...but that takes a lot of effort and expense. Our solution: we used only the food from our 72 hour kits on a family camp-out. (Well, that's not completely true...we splurged and had some smores one night.)
By doing this we were forced to eat and not waste the food, we discovered what we liked and what foods were still edible after 2 years, we used the money that we would have spent on food for those two days to replenish our kits with new food, and we learned what we needed to add to our kits to be able to cook the food.
We pigged out on processed, pre-packaged, stale food for 3 meals.

As disgusting as that may sound...it was GREAT! The kids loved being able to snack on whatever was in the box. I was pretty excited to have fresh food when we got home, but we discovered what works and what didn't for our 72 hour kits and they are now restocked and ready to go for the next 72 hour kit camp-out...or a disaster (heaven forbid!).

Here is what we packed for our meals:
Breakfast - instant oatmeal, hot chocolate, canned fruit
Lunch - Cup of Soups in the envelope
Dinner - Ritz crackers with tuna pouches, canned chicken, and peanut butter. (one protein per day)
Snacks - granola bars, fruit snacks, nuts, and crackers.
Water and Power-Aid

Our 72 Hour Kit Camp Out was a success!


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