Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Shoe Number Two

My nick-name is "Little Shoe" or "Shoe Shoe" or lots of other varieties with shoe in it. I now have a "Little Shoe" at my home. He is carrying on the nick-name in a whole new way. Travis LOVES shoes. But...he will not keep shoes on his that's too boring and normal. Travis will go in my closet, or grab any shoe laying around, or even take shoes right off your feet and put them on his hands. He will then crawl around (barefoot of course) with shoes on his hands. It is so funny to see him moving around with Eric's size 11 shoes covering his entire arm. I have even caught him with sandals pulled up to his elbows and a second pair of shoes on his hands.

Here is my "Little Shoe #2"


Hopefully he doesn't get athlete's foot on his hands!


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