Saturday, September 3, 2011

Faith Behind the Fences

Faith Behind the Fences by Kelly Dispirito Taylor is the true story of Hanny Londt-Shultz and her family while they were imprisoned in a Japanese prison camp in Sumatra during WWII. Despite the starvation, disease, and forced labor in the camps, the family finds hope and faith and recognizes many small miracles that get them through the 3 1/2 years of captivity. I loved this book. It was very inspirational in that you can find faith and hope anywhere and anytime...just pay attention to the small, tender mercies that the Lord blesses us with.

"You know Peggy, the first few months we were in Palembang, I prayed every day to be released from that godforsaken place, sometimes several times a day. I was starting to feel kind of discouraged, thinking that maybe God wasn't answering my prayers. Then one evening it dawned on me. Sometimes our big problems aren't taken away, but, instead, little blessings might come along to ease our burdens and help us remember He is still watching over us."...I guess some of my Mammy's faith had rubbed off on me, because as I stood there sawing, I couldn't imagine there not being a God to watch over us or to listen to our prayers. Some might say it is ironic to hear such thoughts come from a prisoner of war, someone who had lived in captivity for more than three years and experienced deprivations of all types, but that was how I felt as I stood there pushing the saw back and forth with my sister under the thick tree canopy in a remote prison camp in the jungle of Sumatra.


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