Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No More 3 Year Olds!

My house is now free and clear of the tantrum throwing, stubborn, way too independent, annoying, button pushing little person otherwise known as a 3 year old. Now that Nathan is 4 he will magically turn into the sweet, obedient, patient, and polite little boy that was smothered by being three....right??? I can't believe that I survived another 3 year old. In my mind the "terrible twos" are nothing compared to the "just put me out of my misery now threes".
Here are some of the "Nathan-isms" that got me through this year with a good laugh:

  • I was with him as he went potty in a crowded public bathroom. We were crammed together in that tiny stall and he started to talk...LOUD. And it wasn't just any talk, it was a complete minute by minute narrative of his and those around us pooping activities...which was taking FOREVER. I finally said "Shh, Nathan, you need to be quiet." He got a confused look on his face and asked "Why mommy, are people sleeping on the toilet?" 
  • At dinner he asked me "What did Travis eat?" I answered "A pea"..."Is pea a vegetable?"..."Yes, you are so smart, peas are vegetables." "Is poo a vegetable?"...."Oh never mind, you are hopeless."
  • When he sneezes he says "I had a bless you"
  • He came up to Eric and said, "Dad, you are dick-u-less" It took us a minute to figure out that he was saying ridiculous.
Adios threes and hello fabulous fours, I am so glad that you are here! I have waited so long for you to come! I know that the effects of the threes may linger, but I will hold out for that fabulous four year old that is just waiting to get out!


DD said...

Happy Birthday Nathan! He is so so cute, the little stories were very funny!

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