Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crazy Good

AAHHHHHHH! Life is CrAzY with 5 kids! Some days I wonder if I will even have time to breathe....but life is good, in fact it is great! Here are some of our newest triumphs:

Kaylee and Aaron have started school and they come home excited about the things that they are doing in their classes...Hooray for great teachers!
 Nathan has started preschool twice a week...Hooray for a much needed break for both of us.
Megan is sleeping through the night...Hooray for sleep!
 And she keeps getting cuter and chubbier by the second...Hooray for kissy cheeks.
Travis keeps me running with a few cuddles in between...Hooray for more energy to keep up with him!

Hooray for a crazy good life!


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