Thursday, August 16, 2012

Family Summer Rec

This has been a pretty laid-back summer because of a new baby. We didn't want to plan a big vacation and getting out is pretty hard. Eric had a brilliant idea to spice up our boring summer. We created a Family Summer Rec. We sat down together as a family and decided on 12 activities that we want to do together as a family. Then every Tuesday we have done one of those activities. Most of them are things that are free or very inexpensive. Here are the things we have done:

  • We made Family Summer Rec T-shirts to wear every Tuesday
  • Bike ride
  • Made an obstacle coarse
  • Frisbee golf
  • Kid wash
  • Football ice cream
  • A compass treasure hunt
  • Wii game night (we rented a new game)
  • Family service project
  • Splash Pad and Park
  • Family Soccer game
  • Geocaching
  • A final celebration/ goodbye to Summer party
It has been so fun to have something different to look forward to every Tuesday. I found that even on the days that I wasn't excited about the activity I still had a great time! I think that we will make this a yearly tradition.


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