Monday, February 4, 2013

Mom's on the Mean List

See this:
I'd like to introduce you to my wake-up-call to be a nicer mom. This is Nathan's "mean list" (I'm not sure why he put his own name on it). I am not proud to be included on it, although I probably deserved it. Here's how it went down:
It was one of those days (you know them) when Nathan and I were just butting heads the entire day. He was intentionally doing things to push my buttons and man I was frazzled!!! By the afternoon, he did something (probably small I don't remember) and I blew up...not one of my greatest Mom moments. Nathan calmly smirked at me, walked to his room, and got a piece of paper and pen. I thought "wow, he sure handled that well...maybe I finally got my point across". He then proceeded to ask me how to spell Aaron's name and my name. He then said "This is my list of everyone who has been mean to me today". Yep...I sure got a point across, but not one that I intended to. All of my yelling and frustration did nothing to correct his behavior, it just showed him that he has a mean mom. Oh, that was a blow right to my heart...he definitely got his point across loud and clear on that little piece of paper.

Thanks for the wake-up-call Nathan! You deserve a mom who shows you that you are one of the most important people in her life. Who's eyes light up when she sees you. Who loves you no matter what you may do and how naughty you my be. A mom who keeps her calm and sets a better example for you in how to act when frustrated. A mom who's name never appears on a mean list again! I am going to try harder every day to become that kind of mom for you Buddy!


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