Monday, October 3, 2011

Dumping Strike

Aaron is a know the type. He takes his clothes off and leaves them on his floor. He gets home from school and dumps his backpack on the floor. He is constantly loosing things because he can't remember where he dumped them. I am SICK of it! Eric and I are so tired of reminding him to put his clothes in the hamper every night. So for the last two weeks we have gone on strike. We no longer remind him, and here is what has happened:

His room is a disaster. His floor is covered with dirty clothes, blankets, and who knows what else. He is running out of clothes to wear. The other day he came upstairs in a shirt that had been crumpled on his floor for a week. I made him change, hoping that he would get the idea that "oh, maybe I should put my clothes in the hamper so that I can have something to wear tomorrow"...nope. I found the shirt laying on his floor. I don't know how long this can last. This morning he came upstairs wearing floods and a sweatshirt. He looks ridiculous, especially on a hot day in the 80's. Is my dumper ever going to realize that dumping doesn't pay; that his clothes won't magically get up and walk to the hamper; and that he is running out of options of what to wear?

So if you happen to see an 8 year old boy wearing pants that are 2 sizes too small, an old sweatshirt, and shoes with no socks, please don't call family services. Just realize that he is a dumper; that his mom still loves him.....but she is just on a dumping strike.


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