Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Home-made Wart Remover

STOP! Before you buy expensive over-the-counter wart remover; try it for months only to find out that it doesn't work; go to a dermatologist who "freezes it off" and tells you to come back after a month because it doesn't work (speaking from experience)....save yourself the time and money and try this!!!

I have had a pesky wart on the knuckle of my pointer finger. I tried everything I could think of to get rid of it, but it just kept coming back. My cousin (thanks Kisha!) told me that I should try a home-made remedy that worked for her. I tried it, and I have been wart free for a month with no signs of it growing back :)

Here's what to do...it sounds a little weird...but it works!
  • Cut a fresh garlic clove into slices that will cover the wart (I cut one clove at a time which would last me about a week, then do it again)
  • Put the garlic slices in a little container and cover them with a few drops of Vitamin E oil (in the beauty section of the grocery store)
  • Keep garlic in the fridge
  • Every night take one slice of garlic, cover your wart with it, and cover with a bandage to keep it in place.
  • Before I put the garlic on, I would use a nail file to rub the wart and get rid of the tough skin.
  • It took about 7-8 weeks for the wart to be completely gone...but that's how long it would take with the over-the-counter crap anyway...and this REALLY WORKS!

Trust me, it really works. And this is perfect for right before Halloween (unless you are planning on being a wart-infested witch)...get rid of your warts and the garlic will keep those pesky vampires away as well :)


Anonymous said...

I am going to use this for Reagan! I've tried wart remover and it won't work!

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