Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Be My Best Me

Last night, Eric and I presented our new family motto to the kids. I have heard of a lot of families doing this and setting goals together to help them achieve their motto throughout the year. We decided to also give it a try.
Our motto is:
Be My Best Me
After my post about "My Own Kind of Best Mom" I started thinking that I want my kids to have that same attitude. I want them to be their best selves and not compare themselves to others. I have noticed that Kaylee especially has started to compare herself to her friends in how she looks, how she dresses, how well she reads, and how she plays soccer. I know that this will only get worse as she gets older so I hope that the kids will internalize this motto to know that everyone is good at different things.

I wrote the motto on a piece of paper for each kid with a stick figure of them. Off to the side of the stick figure, each child came up with a goal for their minds, hands, hearts, and legs and we wrote it down. Some of Aaron's goals were to learn something new every day, improve his handwriting, think of others before himself, and exercise so that his body can be strong. We will hang the paper in their rooms to remind them to "Be My Best Me". I hope it works!


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