Monday, August 23, 2010

Yeah for School; Nay for Shopping!

Yeah, first day of school!!! I got the kids off to school this morning with smiles on their faces and an even bigger smile on my face. Why the smile? Because this morning I thought that now I would finally have freedom...freedom to go grocery shopping without kids bugging me to buy them something and then crying when I say no; freedom to go grocery shopping without kids playing tag throughout the isles; freedom to go grocery shopping without kids climbing on top of and hanging out the side of the carts with the car in front.. stupid me...what was I thinking?

So after saying goodbye to Kaylee and Aaron, I ventured off to the grocery store with Nathan and Travis. 2 kids; no big deal...not when one of them is a "tornado"! His feet touched ground in the store and he was off...running through the store, opening packages, crying for his "lost daddy" who is only at work, and screaming that I am hurting him because I insisted on holding his hand after he ran off...4 times. I am sorry to all of the Rite Aid customers today who heard a little boy screaming throughout the store. Thank you kind man who directed me to my lost little tornado. Sorry to the employees who had a 2 year old barge in on them in their break room...up the stairs that I couldn't go with a baby so I just yelled up the stairs.

Oh man, my day is gone with no freedom had.  Kaylee and Aaron will be off the bus any minute...dang those early out days!

Dear Wonderful Children who turn into Monsters at the Grocery Store:
You are no longer invited to the store with Mom! I am done taking you! I am sorry if we are out of milk, bread, apples, cereal, or anything else that you will have to wait until I can go shopping ALONE!

Your Mom who turns into a Monster when you come shopping with me


Cathy said...

So sorry Stacy! It seems like that's always the way it goes!

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