Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photogenic Four-Month Old

Usually when I have taken my kids to get their baby pictures taken, the photographer has to make a fool of herself by making funny sounds, faces, and dancing just to get a little courtesy grin...they really have to work for that smile. On the bright side, it sure makes it easy to pick which pictures to buy when there is only one or two good ones. This is the best that we could get out of Nathan:

Travis on the other hand started giggling the minute the photographer started shooting...she had it easy! She was able to take picture after picture of his huge, adorable smile. The only problem...choosing which photos to print. Here are some of my favorites of my photogenic, happy little Travis:


Terra said...

Wow! He loves the camera! Cute pictures. I love his blonde hair.

Gords said...

What a good baby. Glad you could get some really good pictures.

Julia said...

Oh, how cute!! What an adorable smile!

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