Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keeping "Kool" and Ready for School

The Summer is wrapping up (I just got butterflies inside...I am SO GLAD). I know that I have had enough of the summer break when Kaylee and Aaron can't stand to be around each other anymore, Nathan is screaming at them, and if I hear "I'm bored" one more time I will scream...wait, I already have. We are trying to squeeze every last activity into our last week.

Kaylee and her cousin have been trying to plan a sleepover all summer and we finally made it work.  They kept themselves busy by making a traveling Kool Aid stand.  They made signs and colored pictures to give to their customers with the purchase of a cup of Kool Aid.  Then they loaded the cups and Kool Aid into the wagon, taped the pictures on the side for decoration, and the little entrepreneurs lugged the traveling Kool Aid stand up and down the street and around the block...making $1.50. Way to go girls, you made more money than I did!

Kaylee and Aaron's school clothes also just arrived (I ordered most of them on-line because I refuse to take them shopping...more about that on a Monday's Madness post). I must say that pointing and clicking was the best way to school clothes shop! I gave the kids some options within our budget, they chose, I clicked, and the UPS man delivered. 

Today we had a little fashion show so that Kaylee and Aaron could try on their new clothes..notice that Aaron is a one-pose-model...he needs a little work in that department :)

Nathan, Izy, and I cheered them on:

I was doing cartwheels inside!
The summer has been hot, the school clothes have been bought, this week the kids have fought, I wish we had more summer time....NOT!


DD said...

Nice post : ) I too do most school clothes shopping online...SOOOO much easier!

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