Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Your True Love Said To You...

Disclaimer: Sorry, this is a little cheesy today!
Eric and I recently celebrated our 11th anniversary so for today's Wednesday's Words I want to share what I gave him...a little poem with something inexpensive that he likes to go along with the poem. For 11 days (for 11 years) before our anniversary I left him a message with a small gift. Eric was gone to a Scout Camp for the first part of the 11 days so I sent him a wrapped gift to open each day that he was gone. Each message started with "On the 11th (or whatever day it is) day before our anniversary your true love said to you...":

11 -(Lucky Charms)
“You tell me that I am the
“Luckiest” woman you have found…
I am only “Lucky”
Because I have you around”

“Whenever I am with you
I always have a “ball”.
I miss you a lot,
Please be sure to call!”

9-(Riesen Chocolate Chews and a bag of nuts)
"There are many “Riesens” that I
love you, too many to write.
I am “nuts” about you,
I will sure miss you tonight!”

8-(Swedish Fish)
 “Of all the “Fish” in the sea,
I am so glad that you chose me!”
I will “sea” you tomorrow!

7-(Snickers Bar)
 “Your sence of humor
Is one of a kind.
When you make me “Snicker”
I really don’t mind”

 “We were “mint” to be together
From now until forever!”

5-(Puddin' Cups)
"I am not an easy woman to live with…
Yes, it’s true.
Thanks for “Puddin” up with me…
Even when I’m a shrue.”

4-(A&W Root Beer)
“I am “Soda”lighted
To have you for my man.
You are AWsome,
I’m your #1 fan!”

3-(Nerds & Pay Day Bar)
“I’m glad that you’re a computer “nerd”…
Is that ok to say?
Because you provide for our family
when its your “Pay Day”

2-(Rocky Road Bar & Deodorant)
“When life gets a little “rocky”
We don’t know where our “road” goes,
I know when things get “stinky”
With you, I can get through any lows.”

Day Before-(Sugar Daddy & Sugar Babies)
“You are a wonderful “Daddy”…
No ifs ands or maybes.
You are a great Father
To our 4 “Babies”

Day Of-(Ice Cream)
“11 years of being together…
“Ice Scream” in delight!!!
Let’s ___________
_____(fill in with a date) all right?”


Matter of Fact said...

So glad I stopped by your wonderful blog :) I'm your newest follower and can't wait to read more !

funfunfun said...

Love you blog!
Following by Welcome Wednesday...would love to have you follow back.

Anonymous said...

Stacey you are so sweet...Eric is lucky to have you. What a great job you did of 11 days of play on words! wow!

Marie said...

Hi there,

I am your newest follower from Welcome Wednesday.

Hoping you'll drop by for a visit whenever you get a moment.



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Mama.Mommy.Mom. said...

Hi! Dropping by from Welcome Wednesday. I also just celebrated my 11th anniversary and I think it's great that you still share things like this!

Shanti said...

Hi..found you on Welcome Wednesday..thats a lovely poem...Love that picture of chocolate smeared precious.
Hope you'll follow back

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