Tuesday, September 28, 2010

3 Smiles Cavity Free

All of my nagging about my kid's brushing their teeth has paid off. Yesterday Kaylee, Aaron, and Nathan visited the dentist. They were each cavity free...Yippee!

This was Nathan's first dentist appointment. He was SO cute sitting in the big chair. He braced himself by holding on to the sides of the chair and obediently opened his mouth and answered questions. He thought that the sunglasses were pretty cool as well.

Kaylee received some bad news. She is going to need braces in a few years and she has to have 4 teeth pulled in a month...ouch! I told her the news and she had a meltdown. She is very nervous. Whenever we talked about it or even thinking about it made her cry. I wonder what she will be like on the actual day. I hope that she doesn't freak out! Any suggestions to help calm her down?????

Well, at least this was a successful dental appointment...hopefully I have good things to say in a month as well!


Captivating Eyes said...

I don't think there's anything that can calm do that fear! I'm 25 and I get so nervous at the dentist. I totally clench to the arm rests! Good luck!

Gords said...

I would get some orajel, and put some on her gums to demonstrate the stuff that will numb her so she doesn't feel the shot. I had my first cavity this year and was just about as nervous, but that orajel stuff they put on there rocks! I didn't feel a thing! Then again, I couldn't use my tongue very well to talk and I sounded like a doofus, but I didn't care. No pain is best.

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