Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pizza Parlor

My kids LOVE to "help" in the kitchen...and sometimes I just don't want their help all that much. They fight about who gets to stand closest to the mixer, who gets to pour in the next ingredient, and who gets to lick the beaters and spoon. Then there is the unavoidable licking of fingers, unexpected sneezes, and endless spills. But despite all of that, I still try to give my kids an opportunity to cook with me so that they can learn and one day really be able to help. It is thrilling when they learn to crack an egg without getting any shells in the batter, or to make something on their own.

The other night I gave the kids total freedom of making their own dinner. We made personal pizzas for dinner. I set out the ingredients (English muffins for the crust) and let the kids go to town. I didn't worry about germy fingers (the germs were a topping for their own pizzas) or fighting or complaining about what I had made. It was a fun night...even for me!


Gords said...

Fun! Where's Eric? What did he put on his pizza? Cathi does this meal but she uses half a bagel. English Muffins sound better cause they would be crunchy and more like a real crust. I'll have to suggest your version next time.

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