Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nathan's Journal

Every birthday I write in my kid's journals about what they have been up to for the year. I pulled Nathan's out for his third birthday and got caught up in reading and remembering the funny things that he used to do. For today's Saturday's Story, I want to share a few of my favorite excerpts from his journal.

August, 2007 - "You should be born healthy and strong, in fact, you will probably be born walking because you "walked" 30 miles with me while I went on our Stake's Pioneer Trek in July when I was 6 1/2 months pregnant. We walked the entire way and it was an amazing experience. I hope that you have the opportunity to go again."

September, 2007 - "Nathan, it feels so good to finally know who you are! It was such a fun surprise to find out that you are a boy. When you came out, the nurses thought that you were having a hard time breathing because your face was purple. You were just had a bruised face and right arm from being so squished (sorry!). They even had to put a sign on your carrier saying "I have a bruised face" so that people don't think that you are suffocating."

June, 2008 - "Nathan Baby - you are already 9 months old - time sure flies when you are having fun, and you are a blast! You are such a cute, adorable little boy. You have HUGE, clear, striking blue eyes that people always comment on. You also have curly blond hair at the ends - Dad wants me to cut the curls off because he is worried that you look like a girl - but I won't let him. And you do not look like a girl - you look like the Gerber Baby. You love, love, love to eat! You cold sit and eat all day because when I am done feeding you, you always cry for more - even if you are stuffed."

December, 2008 - "You are very cuddly. Our favorite thing to do at night is to sit on my bed and say "Nathan, can I have a love?" and you will go around to each of us giving us hugs. Kaylee and Aaron love it. Sometimes you will even tease us by walking toward us to give us a love and then walk away. You had your first hair cut yesterday. I love your hair - it is very curly - but it was just getting too long and crazy, plus people were calling you a girl. I gave you a little trim and I miss the ringlets!"

March, 2009 - You are 18 months old and I want to write down some of the fun things that you are doing before we forget:
Your favorite things:
  • Balls, balls, balls! You are obsessed with balls. If you pass a ball or even something the looks like a ball you will point it out. 
  • Daddy. You love it when Daddy comes home. You hear the garage door and go running to the stairs saying "Daddy". You love to jump all over him.
  • Lilah - You love our dog. You will follow her around and sit by her and sometimes lay on her. In the morning she comes into your room and your face will light up as you say "Lilah" over and over.
  • Food. You love to eat - anything you can get your hands on - even dog food. You get pretty mad when you have to wait to eat or when we tell you that you are done."


Eric said...

Great post, Stacey! It sure brought back some great memories. I had to laugh at the picture of him with Santa. That is why I said he needed a haircut...what a mop!

I love my Nathan buddy.

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