Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Travis' Triumphs

What is my triumph today...just surviving yesterday! It was a VERY long day and I am VERY happy to say that today is a new day. Here is a little taste of my yesterday...got the kids off to school (Aaron almost missed the bus even when the stop is right in front of our house), worked out, went grocery shopping, played with Nathan's new toys, made a peach pie, laundry, laundry, and more laundry, it was just one of those days that I didn't get a minute to myself.

Then to top it all off, when I finally melted into my bed (I love that feeling after a long day) and was just falling asleep, Eric says "Stac, I need your help". I went into Nathan's room to see him covered in puke...all over him, his pj's, his 3 blankets, and through the sheets. I didn't think that he had eaten that much...I was wrong! After cleaning him up (thanks Eric), and doing 2 more loads of laundry, then began my long night of being "on call". Whenever Nathan would stir, I would jump out of bed to check on him just in case he needed to throw up again. I did not want another mess!

Just another day in the life I suppose.

On a more positive note: Travis has had a few triumphs of his own:

Eating solids...

kind of.

And rolling over...which I am not too excited about.
 I am not ready for him to be mobile!


Shaun&jennifer said...

Sorry for the long night! It easier to do it in the day time, but once your body knows it is time for bed and you have to get up its all down hill from there.

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