Saturday, September 11, 2010

Goodbye Grandpa S.

I just returned from my Grandpa S.'s funeral. He was a beloved husband, father of 10, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather. He was a VERY hard worker, he served his country, he was a farmer, he always had a huge smile on his face, and a great sense of humor. He was a wonderful man and will be missed by many!

Here is a quick funny story. He had always wanted a Cadillac. When the day finally came when he purchased one, he called his son over to come and see it. When Lorenzo came, Grandpa was so proud of his new car. He showed him how his key-fob could open the doors and the trunk. When the trunk opened, Lorenzo noticed 3 bales of hey. What a true farmer...measuring trunk space with bales of hey.

Goodbye Grandpa...God be with you till we meet again!


Anita Preece said...

It was so good to see you and your darling family! The services were so nice. I loved your mom's poem and Lorenzo's life sketch were my favorite. I loved the cadillac story! Your grandpa will be missed.

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