Monday, October 25, 2010

If Mama Had Said There'd Be Days Like This

If Mama had said there'd be days like this last week:
  • I had just finished deep cleaning my kitchen floors - down on my hands and knees clean - when I notice footprints...not just any footprints. These were footprints of poop tracked ALL OVER my clean floor. As I am cleaning this up I hear a CRASH. The same little person that the footprints belonged to decided to have a pillow fight...throwing a pillow at a lamp and shattering glass ALL OVER the carpet. Uuuuugggg!
  • I am down helping Kaylee with her piano practicing when I hear some unusual noises then dead silence...bad sign! I go upstairs to find a dozen eggs broken and dripping all over a shelf in the refrigerator with a little person scrambling them with a whisk.
Mom, thanks for NOT telling me there'd be days like this! I am sure that I gave you some crazy days as well.

Now on to this week...what will it hold. Don't tell me Mama! Silver lining: I now have an extra clean kitchen floor, my carpet is vacuumed extra well, and I was forced to clean out the fridge.


Shaun&jennifer said...

Thats more than I've gotten done in the last week:) Mama never told me I'd have sick days with no "down" time:)

Anita Preece said...

You crack me up! I am sorry you had such a rough week! Love the picture of you and your folks. Hang in there!

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