Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indiana Grandma

If you haven't caught on by now...I have an AMAZING grandma who has done some spooktakular parties! Here is another one of my favorites: Indiana Grandma

This is pretty long...but it is SO FUN and really encourages imagination. She gave us each one of my Grandpa's old hats and black jackets and a whip (I don't know where she got whips but you could use a licorice whip) and led us on a hunt through her house (each room had bats, or skeletons, or snakes to go along with the story) to the Mummy's Tomb:

As archeologists, our aim is clear
We've a job to do, so listen here.
The treasure map shows the lost tomb of the mummies,
They've been wrapped up for centuries --even their tummies.

We'll travel high and we'll travel low,
Our guide will show us where to go.
We may have trouble along the way,
But Indiana Grandma will save the day.

So hold onto your whip in case of snakes
Or maybe we better take our rakes.
Our first stop will be the cave of the bats.
If they don't get us, then it could be rats.
(a room with a table and bats hanging from under the table that the kids crawl through)

The map takes us now to a dreadful place
Be careful, don't slip and fall on your face.
This place is said to be under a curse.
Could this be the Mummy's tomb, or something worse?
(A room with a spooky witch hanging up)

Let's go up the hill now and through a canyon
To a place that is more than you can imagine.
Oh, look! Here's one who was one of our own...
A poor archeologist, he didn't make it, look at his bones.
(A room with a skeleton wearing the hat and coat)

Back down the hill now, will we ever arrive?
The map is so faded, can we survive?
Oh look! Someone's been here long before us.
There's enough hanging here to make a chorus.
(Closet with skeletons hanging)

There's only one more place on this map.
Hold on to your whips, don't be a sap.
Could this be the legendary Temple of Doom?
Or is it what we're seeking...the Mummy's Tomb?
(Going toward the garage)

Open the door now, try not to fear.
Remember Indiana Grandma is still here.
Her love will protect us as we enter this place,
Unless it happens to be full of snakes.
(Enter the garage)

Wow!! Look at this place...what have we here?
The skulls are so thick, try to duck them, my dear.
A man-eating insect covers the ceiling.
Don't let him grab you or you'll end up his feeding.
(Giant plastic spider on the ceiling and plastic skulls hanging down)

Before we go on, let's rest for a bit.
I'm sure some refreshment would make a hit.
Remember Wicked Wanda and Old Spooky Sam?
You only needed to hold out your hand.
But now you face a really hard test,
To find the Mummy will take your total best.
(sit down on blankets in the garage)

This place isn't great, and we'll have to make do.
And so we're in a real bind too.
We'll have to eat what we can find,
So it might be best if you eat it blind.

So pull your hat down over your eyes...
Open your mouth and expect a surprise.
Don't be squeamish, it wouldn't be cool.
If it gets too bad, spit it out in the pool.

First of all, Indiana Grandma found a snake on the trail,
She cut off its rattle and cooked it's tail. (chicken bone candy)

She scooped out the remains from that fellow we saw.
I hear intestines are quite good when eaten raw. (cooked manicotti tube)

She gathered some of the bats that fell from the ground,
Pulled out their eye balls, most of them were round. (milk duds)

As you can see, there's spider webs all over the place,
They really are quite delicious to taste.  (cotton candy)

I know this sounds awful and you might have to gag it,
but we need the protein found in this maggot. (piece of gummy worm)

We know you're all thirsty and our canteens are dry.
This is new, but give it a try.
We understand snake venom is smooth as silk...
Some say it tastes a little like chocolate milk. (chocolate milk)

Remember my adventures in the Temple of Doom?
It was almost like being in this room.
Monkey brains were on the menu there.
They're really not bad if you take off the hair. (Jello square)

Now for dessert, Indiana Grandma has a special treat...
She clipped the toenails from those rat's feet. (piece of potato chip)

By now, your tummies should all be full.
It was delicious and certainly not dull.
Now, on we must go, our goal is in sight.
The Mummy awaits us, we'll reach it tonight.

Let's pick up the trail, what's around this bend?
Oh, I think we may be at our journey's end.
Could this be the treasure we've searched for all day?
It is, we've found it---Hooray! Hooray!

Here is the treasure the Mummy hands guard.
It's almost too big to fit on this card.
Wherever you go and whatever you do,
Remember our Halloween parties and
Know that your Grand-Mummy loves you!
(A bag of candy with a note from my Grandma)

--Lovingly and Laughingly written by Indiana Grandma--

I will always remember our Halloween parties and know that my Grandma loves me! Not just because of the fun parties...but because she give her time, talents, and devotion to her family.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I now officially wish she were my is so true, an involved and devoted grandma is priceless.

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