Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kaylee Clean Your Room

My post about Nathan Clean Your Room reminded me of a book that has been forgotten in Kaylee's mess of a bookshelf, a story that Kaylee really needs to read again! It is called Kaylee Clean Your Room by Diane McAffee. It is the story of a girl, Kaylee, who doesn't like to clean her room. One day her parents decide to just close her door and let the mess just accumulate. Soon a family of grasshoppers and guinea pigs move into the messy room. Then a family of beavers is needed to build a dam in the doorway to keep things from falling out. Eventually a dragon moves in because dragons love yucky, stinky, dirty places. Kaylee comes to realize that keeping her room clean is much better than the alternative.

I need to have Kaylee read this book again....especially with her veggie derby car that is rotting on her shelf. I am sure that she will have some uninvited guests coming to visit her room as well if she doesn't clean up soon. I am conducting a little be like the parents in this book. I am going to wait and see how long it takes Kaylee to get rid of her car without forcing her to...along with tons of other things that she is hording. I will keep you updated, I am sure that the car will get pretty gross...perhaps even end up as a nasty puddle on her shelf. I better put a towel under it so that it doesn't ruin anything!


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