Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spooky Sam

I have an amazing who loves to create fun family traditions. One of those is a yearly Halloween party that she started for her grandkids when I was 3 and continues today with my kids. She goes ALL OUT with a spooky dinner, treasure hunt, fish pond, cake walk, and "Spooky Sam". Spooky Sam is a poem that she reads to us about Spooky Sam's body parts. While she reads, we close our eyes and hold out our hands to feel and even taste (if you are brave enough) the different parts correlating with the story. For the next Wednesday's Words, I want to share some of my favorite versions of Grandma's Spooky Sam.

Spooky Sam:
  • Spooky Sam is our Halloween ghost, and today his body will be our host. Here comes pieces of his teeth. (candy corn)
  • You don't suppose this was Sam's nose? (piece of string cheese)
  • Please don't linger, here comes his finger. (carrot stick or whole green bean)
  • Better beware, this was Sam's hair. (shredded coconut)
  • I know this sounds a little grim, but this was once inside of him. (a small square of Jello)
  • Hold on to your hat, here's a great big gob of his fat. (small ball of butter)
  • And here it appears, are what's left of his ears. (piece of green pepper)
  • He was really thin, but here's part of his skin. (thin, sliced deli meat)
  • There were lots of songs that he once sung. Of course, he can't do it now, cause here's his tongue. (piece of thick sliced bologna)
  • Tonight if you hear a long, low moan, it's poor old Sam looking for his bone. (marshmallow circus peanut)
  • Or, you might just hear a scream of pain, cause Sam might come lookin' for his veins. (licorice lace)
  • You'd think Sam would come out of the rain, but he can't think, cause here's his brain. (scrambled eggs)
  • Now, don't be naughty and say this is his bummy, cause its really only a piece of his tummy. (marshmallow)
  • Now don't be shy, in this dish you will feel his eyes. (bottles cherries)
  • Now there's absolutely no ifs, ands, or buts. In this box has got to be part of his guts. (cooked spaghetti drizzled with oil)
  • And this is the really scary this box is Sam's very own heart! (a latex glove with the two middle fingers tied down. Poor Jello into the glove and tie shut. Put in the fridge to set up then pass around to feel)
  • Sam's nose was so runny, he blew a big dish of buggers. Now isn't that funny? (egg whites)
  • His blood was all clotted and full of cholesterol. No wonder his veins just wouldn't work at all. (unbeaten eggs floating in a dish with squares of Jello floating around)
  • The last thing Sam did was barf in his sleep. See if you can tell what he just had to eat. (insides of a pumpkin, egg shells, and small pieces of canned fruit)

My Grandma wrote, "The more sane parts of this little story came from a little book called Parties Kids Will Love that I obtained from Current, Inc. The grosser and yucky parts, I hate to say, came from what's left of my brain."

This is SO FUN and GROSS at the same time. Thanks for the great tradition Grandma!!


Gords said...

What a cool Grandma!

Jacqueline said...

What fun, I had to print off spooky Sam. That was very clever. I get into it too as a Grandma a mother and a neighbor. We just had our dinner Monday, but boy would I love that tablecloth.

I hopped over from Welcome Wed. I am your newest follower, come follow me back.

Diana H. said...

Holy Cow, I am so going to steal her tradition! Crazy, but Halloween is probably my favorite can be so creative and fun! Thanks for posting this!

Hanna said...

Hi there! I am your newest follower from the blog hop!! Lovely blog:) You can find me at

You've got a beautiful family!! I've got 3 giveaways with handmade baby stuff on my blog right now. You should cgeck them out if you come visit. I have a feeling you will like them

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