Thursday, October 14, 2010

Veggie Derby

Kaylee and Eric went to a Daddy-Daughter activity that sounded so fun...a veggie derby. Like the pine-wood derby that the Scouts do only they made the cars out of veggies. They made the body of the car out of a squash, tires out of potatoes, and all kinds of veggie accessories. Then Kaylee raced her car down a long table slanted upwards against some of her friends. What a cute idea!

Check out some of the other cars...I love the Flintstone looking one:

The only problem...Kaylee loves to save EVERYTHING. Her car is on top of her bookshelf "hidden" from me so that I won't throw it away. The tires are now shriveled and black and the "man" on top is decomposing. 


Gords said...

What a fun activity. Kaylee sounds like Cara. She doesn't save pizza boxes does she?

Eric said...

You need to post a picture of the decomposing car. That would be a sight to see!

Captivating Eyes said...

How fun! I bet she won't keep her car when it starts smelling. =P

Melissa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like the dinner your Grandma does! That is a fun tradition!

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