Sunday, May 29, 2011

Altering the Management of Affairs

Alma 49:11 - But behold, Amalickiah did not come down himself to battle. And behold, his chief captains durst not attack the Nephites at the city of Ammonihah, for Moroni had altered the management of affairs among the Nephites, insomuch that the Lamanites were disappointed in their places of retreat and they could not come upon them.
 No, I did not copy the wrong scripture. When Eric had one of the kids read this for Family Home Evening last week I thought that he had given the wrong reference. This is one of those scriptures that I would normally breeze through without a second thought...not my wonderful Hubby...he did an entire lesson on this scripture.

Moroni was captain of the Nephite army during devastating wars with the Lamanites in The Book Of Mormon. This scripture says that he altered the management of affairs among the Nephites, so much so that the Lamanites could not come against them to battle. So.....

Are there things in our lives/families that we need to alter or change or manage differently to keep negative influences out? It may take a lot of work to change and to become stronger, but in the end it will protect ourselves our homes and our families. In Ether 12:27 is says that the Lord will make our weaknesses into strengths if we will be humble and have faith. If there are weakness in our fortification against evil...change, and through humility, and faith turn it into a strength that does not allow it into our lives and homes...just as Moroni did with his army. This life is a battle and I need to continually change and strengthen the management of my affairs to come out victorious.

Wow, all that from a scripture that I would normally ignore. Thanks Eric!


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