Thursday, May 5, 2011

Losing My Marbles

I have started something that has grown out of control. It occupies Nathan's every thought. He wants to do this ALL THE TIME but he can only play while Travis is sleeping so that he doesn't choke on the marbles...good enough reason right? Not for Nathan. It is a huge ordeal when it is time to put the marbles away. Why oh why did I start this? I keep hoping that he will forget about them...out of sight, out of mind. Not for Nathan. He even wants to sleep with his marbles. I'm about to loose my marbles with this "thrilling" activity!

So here it is...don't get too excited. It is not much but it is everything to Nathan. We made up a game together called Marble Jail. Here's how to play:
  • Each person selects 1 Police Marble
  • Spread the rest of the marbles out on the floor - these are the Bad Guys
  • Make a line about 3 feet away from the marbles
  • Sit behind that line and each person takes turns rolling his/her Police Marble at the Bad Guys
  • Whatever Bad Guys the Police Marble hits during its roll get captured and put in jail (a pile at the side of each player...or if you are Nathan...inside your slipper)
  • Keep playing until all of the Bad Guys are gone
  • The player with the most captured Bad Guys wins

 I must admit that I really had fun playing this with Nathan...for the first 50 times. It is now getting a little old. You have been forewarned. Don't blame me if you start something that you can't stop and causes you to loose your marbles as well!

Another version that we made up was Break Through the Fence:
  • Divide marbles in half between 2 players
  • Each player puts his/her marbles in a line (fence) about 3-4 feet apart from the other players' fence
  • Take turns rolling one marble at the other player's fence
  • If your marble touches any of your opponent's marbles you take them away from his fence
  • The first person to get all of the other player's fence wins


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