Monday, May 23, 2011

Picture Perfectionism

Family pictures...I get all tense just hearing those words. Those of you who know me know that I am NOT a perfectionist...I like to do things the simplest and quickest way possible. But when family pictures are looming around the corner I turn into an obsessive monster who stresses over having the perfect family pictures. I go shopping for hours, finding the right outfits that go together, yet aren't too matchy-matchy. I make sure we all have haircuts, finding that right balance of not too short right after a cut, yet not waiting too long when it starts looking sloppy. And after all that, the day of pictures comes and trying to keep everyone clean and happy is exhausting!

I did it. I found cute shirts that compliment each other yet don't match too much. I gave everyone haircuts about 2 weeks before - giving the mistakes time to even themselves out. And on the day of pictures I managed to keep everyone clean and in a somewhat good mood...with some bribery of ice cream afterwards. I guess all the picture perfectionism paid off...if you ignore the bags under my eyes from being so exhausted.

Now my problem is trying to decide which one to print for my wall...any suggestions??

What was I so worried about? My family is beautiful to me no matter what! I need to remember that for the next at least 3 years!

I will not let family picture de"feet" me again!


Gords said...

I like the first one the best.

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