Monday, May 9, 2011

If You Give a Mom a Minute

I can relate to the children's book If You Give a Pig a Pancake:

If You Give a Mom a Minute
If you give a mom a minute, she will realize that she needs to go to the bathroom.
She will sneak into the bathroom when the kids aren't watching to avoid them following her. When she is there, she will see that the last person to use the bathroom didn't leave her any toilet paper.
She will go downstairs to get some toilet paper.
As she passes the laundry room, it will remind her that she needs to put the clothes that have been sitting in the washer for hours in the dryer before they start to stink.
She will also start to sort clothes for the next batch because the pile of laundry just does not seem to be getting any smaller.
As she sorts the clothes, she will find a crayon in one of Nathan's pockets.
Seeing the crayon will remind her that Nathan has been especially quite for the last few minutes...and we all know what that means...Trouble!
She will go upstairs to find Nathan standing on a stool, pulling a box of cereal out of the pantry.
She makes it just in time to catch Nathan as he, the stool, and the full box of cereal plummet to the floor...but she was not quick enough to grab the cereal before it spilled all over the floor.
The loud crash will wake up Travis from his nap.
As the mom goes to get the baby, Nathan steps in the cereal and loves the crunching sound it makes. This only encourages him to pound on every little piece...grinding it into the floor.
Seeing the messy floor will remind her that it hasn't been vacuumed in weeks.
As she goes downstairs to get the vacuum, she sees Travis tight on her heels, heading for the stairs.
With super-human speed, the mom dashes to catch Travis before he falls down the stairs head-first.
And chances are...
If a mom of 4 suddenly sprints with a full bladder she will be reminded that she still needs to pee!
But if she wants to go to the bathroom...she will need some toilet paper to go with it!

Written by Me...when I had a minute


Karen said...

ha ha! that is so true. I totally do that with the laundry all the time.

Montana Brandts said... you are SO creative!! I LOVE IT, and SO true!!

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