Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beatboxing to books

One of the best book investments that we have made are the Sesame Street books A-Z.  There is a board book for each letter and each book has a short story or rhyme focusing on that letter.  If you turn the book over, they all connect to make a big floor puzzle with a picture of Big Bird with an item starting with each letter of the alphabet.

My kids have all loved them and I think that it really gave them a head start to their reading because they learned their letters so fast.  Nathan can identify every letter in the alphabet.  He loves to hear them at bedtime.  Eric has started a new tradition of beatboxing while reading these books to Nathan.  There is nothing like a little rap/beatbox to put a kid to bed!  Now Nathan may have a beatboxing career ahead of him because I will catch him "a-pooh-pooh-choo"ing several times a day.  It is SO funny to hear and he even has some sweet moves to go along with it.

What are your kid's favorite books?


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