Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring Fling

Today Nathan, Izy (my niece), Lilah (my dog), and I went outside to finally enjoy the beautiful Spring weather.  We blew bubbles (which Lilah LOVES to chase), played on the swings, and enjoyed a popsycle.  The kids had a blast and I had a great time playing with them.....when I wasn't wiping slimy bubbles off of my floor, and scraping dog poop off of a shoe.

 Note to time don't let a 2 year old carry the bubbles outside - in the 2 minutes that Nathan had the bubbles he managed to open them and spill them all over the floor.  How he managed to open a new bottle of bubbles, I wish I knew.  Those seals on the inside of the lids are SO hard to get off...well for me anyway.  Next time I will just have Nathan open it for me.

Next note to sure to poop scoop before letting the kids out in the backyard.  Need I say more?

How can such a simple activity turn out to be such a mess?  Oh well, the cute giggles made it all worth it.


Montana Brandts said...

How fun! What cute kiddos!

Elayna said...

YOu are such a fun mom and Aunt. Thanks for being you!

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