Monday, May 24, 2010

Mommy's Tantrums

My two year old sure knows how to throw a whopper of a tantrum.  He will throw himself down, kick his legs, scream, and sometimes even spits.  What does it get him? - a lot of time alone in his room.  I'm jealous...the next time I have to change a poopy diaper, or clean the bathroom, or listen to whiny kids I am going to throw myself down on the floor kicking and screaming (I'll leave out the spitting because I would have to clean that up when I am done) and throw a huge tantrum.  My family would get so sick of me that they would send me to my room for hours and hours while the diaper got changed and the bathrooms were cleaned and everyone was happy.

OK..maybe in my dream world.  In real life the poopy diaper would get smeared all over the already dirty bathroom and everywhere else if I were to get sent to my room.  I guess that throwing a tantrum won't work; maybe I could try sucking on a seems to work for my baby :)  Here is a funny little story:
"It was one of the worst days of my life.  The washing machine broke down, the telephone kept ringing, my head ached, and the mail carrier brought a bill I had no money to pay.  Almost to the breaking point, I lifted my one-year-old into his high chair, leaned my head against the tray, and began to cry.  Without a word, my son took his pacifier out of his mouth and stuck it in mine." (Clara Null, in Chicken Soup for the Working Woman's Soul, 231)


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