Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why PB & J?

Ok, here goes...before I begin this Blog I feel like I need a little disclaimer:  I am not an excellent writer (thank goodness for Spell Check!) nor am I an expert mother.  "So why devote some of my precious free time everyday to writing about motherhood" you may's why:

About a month ago my professional licence as a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant expired and I was unable to renew it because I have not been working in that field for 5 years.  I was very discouraged because that was my career. That is what I wanted to be "when I grow up".  That is what I went to 4 years of college for- spending countless hours and money on.  That is what I loved to do and found fulfillment in helping others.   My plan was to be home with my kids while they are young and then to go back to work...not anymore.

So I now want to make motherhood my career.  When people ask what I do for a living I want to proudly say that I am a Mother.  I want to spend my time enjoying motherhood and finding fulfillment in helping my kids through our day-to-day routine.  I want to study and learn so that I can keep my "licence" up to date and be the best mother that I can for my kids....That is what I want; not what I am.  Most of the time I am a mom trying to keep my head above water by getting the essentials done and living for nap and bed times.  I am not finding contentment and joy as often as I would like...I am in a rut!

A few days ago, my 2 year old and I were eating his favorite meal for lunch - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (which we have about 4 times a week).  As I was gagging mine down, I thought that I am sick of this lunch-time rut of PB & J and my bad attitude rut as a mother. So I incorporated the two.  I want to take a bite out of my Parental Blunders & spread more Joy in my career as a mother.  I know that each day won't be perfect and blissful, but I am hoping that by focusing more on my career as a mother through this blog, I can have those perfect and blissful moments more often in my day to help me find joy in motherhood.

So here is how I am going to post and organize my writing for now:

  • Monday's Madness - my parental blunders/bloopers and tips for avoiding them the next time.
  • Tuesday's Triumphs - my joyful/funny moments as a mom.
  • Wednesday's Words - advice and quotes from experts that I find as I pull out my parenting books that have been collecting dust over the years.
  • Thursday's Thrillers - fun activities to do with my kids.
  • Friday's Fabulous Food - I love to eat but I hate to cook because I never know what to make.  I will post a yummy new recipe to help us get out of our PB & J ruts.
  • Saturday's Story - good reads for kids and moms.
  • Sunday's Scripture - a motivating scripture or thought from a church leader.

Well, so begins my journey.  Please, please, please help me along the way by posting comments and suggestions.  I hope that this blog will not only help me to be a better mom, but other parents as well.  


McBride's said...

Way to go Stacey, love it...

Anita Preece said...

You are a doll! I can't wait to read your blog. I will send you an invitation to mine. I'm afraid mine isn't as creative as yours. What a beautiful little family you and Eric have.
Love ya,

Gill Family said...

I am probably too late to suggest for you Thursday fun activity but maybe for next week. The other day I taught Evan how to play Red Rover! Me and my kids ended up playing for abut an hour and they were still not done but bed time did await. It was so fun and Evans face just lite up every time he sang the song.

The Bailey Bunch said...

I love it already Stacey!

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