Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garage Sale

With a four bedroom home and four kids we have acquired a lot of stuff/junk and have no extra space to keep it.  We started de-junking before our baby was born to make room.  Then on Saturday we had a garage sale to try to sell all of the stuff that we no longer need.  The night before, we made a bunch of cookies so that the kids could be involved with a bake sale.  (On Friday I will post the recipe for the home-made oreos that we made...YUM)  

Saturday came, and so did the rain.  It was very cold.  For four hours, we battled the rain, wind, and whiny kids.  When it was over, we had a few extra dollars in our pockets, tons of cookies left over, a van full of stuff to take to the DI, and a garage full of big items that we will try to sell online.  Was is worth it???  The triumphant part of this story is that we now have a less cluttered home (never mind that I now have to park outside because the clutter moved from our home to the garage).  

Check out The Yard Sale Queen to help you have a more successful garage sale than we did :)


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