Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dinner Groupies

A while ago four of my friends started a dinner group. They would each take a day, Monday through Thursday, to cook for everyone. They just recruited me to be one of the four. I wasn't so sure about cooking for four families (including my own), it seemed a little overwhelming. But now that I have survived my first Tuesday, I think that this just may work!

 Tacos with rice and beans before delivery.

We met together for about an hour (not all of that time was spent planning...there was some gabbing going on of course) to plan the menu for two months. We each brought ideas of things that we want to make, printed out a calendar for March and April, and then discussed what we want to make on our given day and wrote it in the calendar. So Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday I don't have to make dinner! Tuesdays are a little crazy cooking for that many people but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Just plan and prepare in advance. It has been fun to try new foods and have dinner delivered to my home 3 days out of the week! Now I just hope I don't get kicked out of the group because they don't like my cooking :)

So if you are like me and love to try new foods and especially love to have a break from making dinner, find 3 friends with similar likes and family size and become dinner groupies!


Captivating Eyes said...

What a brilliant idea!!

Montana Brandts said...

Yay! I am so glad you weren't too overwhelmed!! And, you will NOT be kicked out!! Dinner last night was fantabulous!! It was seriously really good!! We're excited to have you as one of our "groupies!!"

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