Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chore Charts Revamped...Again

Why does it seem like chore charts always have to be changed, re-done, and improved? Our spread sheet chore charts just were not working anymore. The kids were forgetting to do their chores and it was a chore for me to mark them off every night. So I am now presenting the new and improved chore chart pockets:

The kids have the same chores as before. I just made a card with a picture of each chore on it. Each kid has an pocket to put all of their chores in and then another pocket to put the chores in that they have completed for the day. At the end of the day I count how many chores are done and record the number on the monthly calendar on the side. At the end of the month, we add up all of the points and they get paid an allowance of 25 cents for every 10 points.

I am hoping that this will encourage the kids to be more responsible and pro-active with their chores. They are responsible to move the chores from the "Chores" pocket to the "Done" pocket once they are completed. If they forget...no points for those chores. If they are dishonest, claiming that a chore was done when it wasn't...they lose the entire month's points. If they lose their pictures...they pay me 25 cents to replace them. I have also included some "skill chores". These are household tasks that I want my kids to learn like vacuuming, doing the dishes, sweeping, cleaning the bathrooms, and laundry. The kids choose a skill chore to work on for one month. I am hoping that after doing that task for a month they will be independent in performing that chore. The next month they choose a different skill to work on.

This system has seemed to really motivate them so far. I am pretty sure that I will be posting another "Chore Chart Revamped, Revamped, Revamped" post in the future. But for now this is working for us.


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