Monday, February 28, 2011

Custody Battle

"Hear ye, hear he. This court is now in session. All arise for the
Honorable Judge Dad."

It all began with yet another fight between Kaylee and Aaron...a custody battle for a stuffed dog. Kaylee thought that "Cookie" was hers because she had won him at the fair. Aaron thought that "Spike" was half his because he didn't win anything at the fair. As the kids were fighting and I was getting ready to just throw the stupid dog away, Eric came up with a brilliant idea. He held a court in which each child got to present his/her case to judge Dad. Each child got to say what he or she wanted without any interruptions. Judge Dad listened, the jury (Eric and I) deliberated and we came to a nice compromise. Kaylee and Aaron will have joint custody of "Spiky Cookie". They will each get to keep him in their rooms for 2 months at a time. If there are any more custody battles, Mom gets to take out her sewing shears and cut "Spiky Cookie" in half. (I am secretly hoping that it will come to this...I think that it would prove a great point, and be fun to watch their faces as I cut the dog in half...I'm bad, I know.)

This was a great way to come to a peaceful resolution and taught the kids how to debate instead of fighting. Thanks Judge Dad!


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