Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kaylee's Journal

Kaylee celebrated her 9th birthday this week. I went back in her journal that I have been keeping for her each year and read some of the funny stories and memories. Here are some of my favorites:

January, 2002 - "You are so beautiful and perfect! You have a ton of dark brown hair, which I can't wait to put in bows. You have long fingers and chubby cheeks and long eyelashes. You are the cutest baby alive - and I am not just saying that because I am your mom. You have been so alert today and your dad and I can't hold you enough. Eric is such a proud father! As he holds you he sings the Kaylee Raylee song. We love you so much!"

August, 2003 - "Kaylee, you have quite the little personality; here are some funny things that you do:
  • You love to walk around with a bucket on your head and every once in a while you will take it off and say "peek-a-boo"
  • You call Aaron "Dubby" instead of Buddy
  • At night instead of sleeping in your bed, you take your pillow and blanket and sleep in front of your door on the floor.
  • You love to make funny faces at yourself in the mirror
  • You love to talk on the phone. You will walk around the house with your toy phones (sometimes one on each ear) and jibber jabber.
  • You have a favorite blanket which always has to be on the tied side up. If it is put on you wrong you say "other side" until it is right.
  • Your are also very symetrical. When playing with your toys you will put them an equal distance apart and you will also put one toy in each corner of a blanket. One day I found that you had hidden some cereal all over the house. It was very easy to find because there was one piece under each piece of furniture by each leg."
  • You are obsessed with Elmo. When you want to watch your Elmo show you do a little dance while singing "Elmo, Elmo, Elmo".

March, 2005 "Daddy was wiping the shower wall - so he was bending down and standing up a lot. You came in the bathroom and saw him and started singing "You put your bum in, you put your bum out, you put your bum in and you shake it all about" It was SO funny!"

August, 2005 "Daddy was talking to you and asked "How much do you love me?" You said 5. Then he asked "How much do you love Mommy?" - your answer was 3 and Aaron ranked as a 2, so Daddy thought that he was doing pretty good. Until he asked about Grandma (24) and Grandpa (25) and Jesus (25). It was so cute and at least we know how we are ranked on your love scale." 

I love looking back at these funny memories. I am so glad that I wrote them down! Happy Birthday my Kaylee Raylee!


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