Monday, February 7, 2011

Airing My Dirty Laundry

Sorry to disappoint you, there is no juicy gossip in this really is about laundry. I have been having a really hard time finding a detergent that works well (probably because I refuse to buy the expensive stuff that is gone in a month). My laundry has been turning out stiff, the stains are not coming out, and the whites are dingy. In this load of "clean" clothes my green shirt still has a spit-up stain on it and the red and white striped rag refuses to prefers to stand up because it is so stiff:

I am really lazy when it comes to laundry. I like to throw it in (sometimes I don't even sort the clothes) and have the work done for me. Then stick it in the dryer. I do not iron, I do not buy dry-clean-only items. So when they turn out dirty after all of my "effort" I get pretty frustrated because I don't want to spend "loads" of time on laundry. Oh, what to do, what to do??? I will share my solution in tomorrow's Tuesday's Triumph. What is your solution to stubborn laundry?

**One other little tid-bit about laundry...DO NOT let a pull-up go through the washer!! Nathan took it off with his pants so I didn't see it. What a mess! It literally exploded the absorbent gel bead things all over the clothes and washer. We had to shake the beads out of the clothes and into the bathtub (thanks Eric), clean out the washer, then clean out the tub, and then re-wash the clothes. Who knew that one little pull-up contained so much stuff? My question is; if there are that many absorbent beads, then why don't they absorb Nathan's pee at night? I just don't get it.

Well, now I am off to go do some more laundry. :(


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