Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Best Source of Self-Esteem

Yesterday I wrote about the "secret ingredients" needed to produce confident and happy children. Here is where I got my inspiration to have Kaylee take over the morning muffin making:
"If you are so determined, you can indeed keep a child happy for eighteen years. In the process, you will surely destroy the child's self-esteem. Why? Because self-esteem is reflected in the child's belief that 'I can do it myself!' Self-sufficiency is the yardstick of self-esteem. The road to self-sufficiency is paved with frustration, disappointment, failure, falling flat on one's face, and other equally 'unhappy' experiences. We cannot afford to deny children these things." - John Rosemond (Daily Guide to Parenting, Nov. 27).
"Children perceive adult functions as important and worthwhile. They know that those grown-up activities are of value. And they find such activities very attractive because they want to be mature grown-ups as well. The best source of true self-esteem will come from your child being able to competently perform adult, independent functions." - Merrilee Boyack (The Parenting Breakthrough)


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