Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heart Attack

Lately it seems like there has been a lot of bickering, fighting, whining, yelling, complaining, and tattling going on in our house. Where's the love people? So I thought that it was a great time to remember why we love each other...and yes, that even means annoying little brothers.

We each wrote several things that we love about each person in our family on paper hearts.

Then we read them out loud and hung them on the kitchen cabinets.
It was so fun to listen to all of the cute ways that our family loves each other like:
  • Kaylee, I love to give you hugs - Nathan
  • Travis, I love you because you are such a great sleeper - Mom
  • I love Nathan because he is cute and funny - Aaron
  • I love Dad because he plays the Wii with me - Aaron
  • I love Dad because he helps me when I feel bad - Kaylee
  • I love Mom because she makes such good lunches and dinners - Kaylee

Now when we start having those angry feeling at each other, we can look at out cabinets-o-love and remember that our family is who we should be showing our love to the most....that's the goal anyway.
When the kids start fighting I am going to have them sit down and write a few more hearts to the person that they were fighting with. I have a feeling that our walls will be plastered with love notes. If the fighting doesn't get any better, it may just cause me to have a heart attack!


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