Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garden Boxes

I love planting a garden because I LOVE fresh veggies. I love going out and picking a fresh tomato to put in our tacos and snacking on fresh peas. But I HATE this:

Weeds. I hate to weed and our garden is full of them...or at least it was.

Last summer we built some garden boxes out of 2 X 12 boards:

Laid down a weed barrier and put the garden boxes on top...and presto...a weed free garden. 

It was also a dirt and plant free garden as well...that is until today:

We put in a mixture of top soil, compost, and perlite to hopefully make a loose and airy soil...much better than the clay that was there before. Then we added our first little seeds...peas. Now after all of this work, expense, and time; these better be the best tasting peas in a weed-free garden we have ever had! Oh I can't wait for them to grow...come on sun, do your thing!


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