Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jelly Beans and Easter

GREEN is for the grassy blade,        
YELLOW is for the sun God made.
ORANGE is for a flame so bright.
BLACK is for our sins not right.
RED is for the blood He gave.
WHITE is for Jesus grace. He saved.
PURPLE is for the hours of sorrow
PINK is for a new tomorrow.
A bag of jelly beans, so colorful and sweet,
is a promise, a prayer, and a loved one's treat.

Some folks think that Easter time
Is just for pretty clothes
And Easter baskets filled with eggs
Of colors bright and bold,
But Mother told me differently
It’s for another reason
For Jesus rose up from His Tomb
That Happy Easter season.
This gives to me a precious gift
It means that when I die
I’ll live again, as Jesus did,
And dwell with Him on High 
-Author Unknown


Shaun&jennifer said...

we are giving our primary kids a similar thing on jellybeans for easter this sunday.

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