Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sink The Boat

Boys pride themselves with their great aim. They are great at aiming a gun, arrow, basketball, football, and even throwing food up and catching it in their mouths. But there is one area where they completely miss the mark....the toilet. WHY? Does peeing into the water 12 inches away take more skill than making a 3-pointer or shooting a can 50 feet away? My toilets are disgusting...I won't go into detail...I am sure you know what I mean. This sign in the bathroom goes ignored:

and the day after cleaning the toilet it looks like this again:
and that is with just one boy out of three who stands to use the toilet...BLAH! I'll have to hire Hazmat when they all do.

I found this idea and it has worked pretty well. It keeps the boy's attention focused on the water. Have your boy rip off a square of toilet paper and put it in the toilet. Then tell him he needs to "sink the boat" when he pees. The idea is that he will pee on the square until it sinks. After introducing this to Aaron, my toilets have lasted about 4-5 days before becoming disgusting again. Hopefully this will improve his aim...practice make perfect right?


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