Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Springtime of Motherhood

My sweet grandma sent me an article that she had clipped from her newspaper. I want to share a little bit of it because I think that it is so good. Here is the entire article if you want to read more.

"I like to think I am in the spring of my life. I'm tending to my garden of girls-helping them grow, making sure they have the love and support they need to grow into women.
This is the time. This is my season.
This is not my season to focus on my career or myself. This is not my season to rest, or even to prepare for motherhood. That has passed.
This is the season to enjoy my children while working hard to raise them well. This is my season to teach them, to love them and to create unbreakable family bonds.
I cherish this springtime of my life. I know it will pass all too quickly and I won't be able to go back to this time and place. It's a moment unique in time.
Even though the work is hard and some days I wonder if I'm even doing anything right, I know this season is critical-albeit fleeting.
And just like that first miraculous daffodil pops open in the springtime, my girls will blossom unexpectedly one day.
When that moment comes, I can only hope I've used this season wisely to shower time and love on my little garden."
--Erin Stewart

I have a quote in my kitchen that says "LIVE in each season". Am I living and enjoying this season of my life? Some days yes, and some days no. Just like spring, it will pass quickly and I will look back and miss these blossoming, beautiful, and sometimes rainy days of my springtime of life. I need to cherish this springtime of motherhood more.


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