Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Love Story

My Grandma and Grandpa S. are together again after being separated for 7 months when Grandpa died. My Grandma just passed away and they are now reunited and in each others arms again. There's is a true love story. They met in Washington D.C., were engaged 2 days later, got married and stayed married for 64 years.

Right after they were married, Grandpa went off to fight in WWII. During this time they wrote each other love letters. This is a poem that my Grandpa wrote to his bride during their separation:

To That Girl Of Mine
As another day has passed, 
And I'm home again at last,
In my heart I'm thinking of a girl so kind, 
Of my darling LaPriel I left behind.

As I sit here without a letter,
I can't think of anything better,
Than to sit down and write,
Of how I'm thinking of her tonight.

In this big world of toil and woe,
What people are doing, they do not know.
For it matters not to all of them
What the Lord has forbidden unto men.

Today the news says Hitler is dead,
The news is good, someone has said.
Peace on the earth is near at hand,
Were freedom again will rule the land.

I'm praying the day to come to me
That soon again I may cross the sea.
For the thought that I have in mind,
Is to get back to that girl of mine.

Their love story is only beginning as they are together now, never to be separated again. 


DD said...

What a sweet poem! They sound like a lovely pair. You've got a great family.

Jackson Family said...

love this post, and your blog!

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